#5 – politics

#5 – politics a(r)twork

this is the last episode of the series! We chat about the political and the personal, how art is made betwixt the two, and revel in the interpretations and conflict which our guest's contributions throw into the air. We thank you for your interest and your patience in what we have made here. On our end, it's been an enlightening process the whole way through. This weeks esteemed guests were Charlie J – https://www.instagram.com/officialcharliej/ Munro Page – http://www.sourhousemusic.com/ Pablo Cattori – http://pabloarguellescattori.com/EXTRA THANK you to this series' contributors. It's been a joy, hope to see you next time. If you are interested in contributing then email us at artwork.atwork.podcast@gmail.until next time, peace!Support a(r)twork by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/artwork
  1. #5 – politics
  2. #4 – collaboration
  3. #3 – idols and inspirations
  4. #2 – working environments
  5. a(r)twork #1 – beginnings

thank you to Charlie J, Pablo Argüelles Cattori, and Munro Page for contributing to our final episode of series one.

We take the time to chat about the political and the personal, how art is made betwixt the two, and revel in the interpretations and conflict which our guest’s contributions throw into the air.

We thank you for your interest and your patience in what we have made here. On our end, it’s been an enlightening process the whole way through.

EXTRA THANK you to this series’ contributors. It’s been a joy, hope to see you next time. If you are interested in contributing then email us at artwork.atwork.podcast@gmail.

until next time, peace!

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#4 – collaboration

Contributors were:

Almass Badat – www.almassbadat.com

Campbell Mcnaughton – instagram – @c.mcnaughton


Louis Edwards – @_shugazi_



Munro Page – https://sourhousemusic.wordpress.com/

William Morgan – https://www.williammorganphotography.co.uk/




#3 – idols and inspirations

“You have to tell your own story simultaneously as you hear and respond to the stories of others” – Elizabeth Alexander

welcome back to a(r)twork!

after a brief hiatus, Luisa and Rowan are back in the Xpress radio studios to discuss the inner workings of our relationships with idols and inspirations.

We talked about how we navigate our relationships with distant idols, where we find inspiration away from our own fields (metaphorical and literal), and what we hope to inspire in others.

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this episode’s contributors were:

Jem Doktor – instagram – @tjhhem_ddocktor

Matt Humble (MILK Events) – https://www.facebook.com/milkeventsGBR/

Munro Page – https://sourhousemusic.wordpress.com/

Ronnie Pope – instagram – @_rxnnie

(another) mission statement

“Poetry proper is never merely a higher mode (melos) of everyday language. It is rather the reverse: everyday language is a forgotten and therefore used-up poem, from which there hardly resounds a call any longer.” Martin Heidegger, ‘Language”

We are now two episodes into the a(r)twork project. It has grown immensely from the nucleus of an idea written last November in my – too small – A6 notebook. We’re almost in November again and I can’t wait to carry this work through that time and explore many more topics.

In this short time, a few friends and internet folks have been asking for more explanation about the project, something I have only begun to come up myself in the last few weeks, reading Wikipedia articles on my phone and walking along Tyne Green recording voice notes to try and hash it out. So for those who wish to read it, here it is, my best attempt at an explanation for a(r)twork.

The mission behind a(r)twork is an ambitious one, hence why I have asked for the help of many people with many talents to help realise it. If you’re reading this then you can help too. That mission is to democratise self-expression through creativity. People live fuller lives when they are able to express their true feelings in a way that satisfies both themselves, and the people around them. Artistic creativity is just one aspect of this expression, but it provides us with a space to express those feelings which are a little harder to insert into daily conversation.

Take for a big example, language. Life would be so plain if we had never sat with friends making stupid and tenuous puns about the street names or shop signs around us, or if we’d never received a message from a loved one that gave us goosebumps, or been given a nickname that made us feel comfort. 

All of these wonderful little occurrences require creativity, and I do not think creativity is something that you are born with, I think it is something that  we can cultivate within ourselves. The distinction is really just that some people have been given countless opportunities since birth to cultivate and expand this ability, while others have not once seen themselves as having this opportunity to express themselves creatively.  If we all had this opportunity (which we do), then life could become wider, fuller, and open itself up for us.

So with this low budget, DIY, collaborative project, we want to dissolve that perceived distinction between ‘creative’ and ‘uncreative’ people. All are free to contribute, and we hope they will feel that their reflections on creativity help them in their own practice. All are free to listen, and we hope that through the words of our contributors, those listeners can empower themselves to create and explore in their own life. 

A podcast can’t do so much by itself, but the whole project is being designed so as to achieve this goal. More than anything, I hope that it can find a few pairs of ears, and empower people to realise that there is very little that divides the work of art from the work of our daily lives. And if it can do that for people then we’ll keep making it, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

We are always open to contributors, if you are interested in contributing then send an email to: artwork.atwork.podcast@gmail.com

Equally if you have any ideas for episodes, enterprises, anything that could help us grow and improve the a(r)twork platform, give us a shout via the same address!

#2 – working environments

“Some prefer the bathtub to the study and the bed to the windy moor – the place does not matter much. It is the relationship between the brain and the hand that poses some odd problems” – Vladimir Nabokov

In this episode we look at working environments, be they permanent or fleeting; the importance of nature for creativity, the distraction or collaborative help of other people, plus many more jewels and trinkets which fall outside the remit of this episode’s title.

this show’s contributors were:
Alys Hewitt – www.instagram.com/alys.hewitt/?hl=en
Campbell Mcnaughton – www.instagram.com/c.mcnaughton/
Hannah Ryan – www.instagram.com/_hannahryan/
Jem Doktor – www.instagram.com/tjhhem_ddocktor/
Ronnie Pope – www.instagram.com/_rxnnie/
Sophie Mahadevan – www.instagram.com/bleuire/


a(r)twork is a podcast and collaborative project about creativity. The idea for it grew from a personal urge to have more, and better, conversations about creativity.

I found these sorts of conversations were hard to find and, when found, were conducted in hushed tones or made light of.

With a(r)twork we are aiming to create a space where creativity, art, and life in general can be discussed out in the open with honesty, humility, and humour.

The process for the show is that we send out a list of questions to each of our wonderful contributors before each episode pertaining to a specific topic. They send in answers by voice note and we play them back on the show to discuss.

If you’d like to get involved we’d love to hear from you! head over to our contact page for more info.

Through discussing the contributor’s submissions, we aim to expand and refine our own understanding of creativity and practicing it for a living in today’s world. We also hope to pull the curtain on certain creative practices and demystify the process of making art of all kinds.

After all, everyone is an artist! And so we can all learn how to become better artists. Perhaps you’ll learn something with us on a(r)twork that changes the way you work, inspires a new endeavour, or simply helps you to move a little more freely through the world.

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